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Aileron Mistake I Made

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
The ailerons were the first thing I tackled overa year ago now. Getting them out of storage, blowing the dust off etc, revealed a couple of boo-boo's that I did during the early baby stages of building....

- I didn't bevel/feather the hing ply doublers

- the rib spacing is off!!! [see pic].

This spacing error was caused by me incorrectly interpreting the scale of the plans at the first bay [C]. The rest are correct, but because of the first being off a touch, the rest followed suit and are slightly staggered [A]when matching up alignment to the main wing ribs .

This is really irritating me, but I don't want to build new ailerons :-|

I could glue on say,a 3/16 X 3/8 piece on the side of each rib [D], this would give a correct'visual' alignment flowing through the wing and aileron rib. Or should I just not bother seeing as in the scheme of things, when covered and painted it will all blend in?

Everything else is spot-on, ie. 1/2 inch gap each end of aileron, hinge centers are accurate.



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