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Another Starduster For Sale With a Story To Match

Dave Baxter

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Nov 15, 2007
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This airplane would be great project for someone who could spend a month or more full time working on it, and taking care of the paperwork ?

This picture is from many yrs ago.

Starduster N4853 Current Registered Owner: Ron Terhaar. Albany, OR

Since I last saw the plane some time ago a lot has been done:

It has been recovered and painted with what looks like Polytone. Not show quality but it looks good

It has new gear legs with the mod to move the the contact point back

The engine mount has been replaced with a long mount

It has new exhausts

Tailwheel has been replaced with a Scott 3200

So it has a LOT of potential

It still needs:

Starter ring on the engine (broken during a backfire due to incorrect shower of Sparks wiring) But has been replaced ?

A new cowl built to fit the longer engine mount as well as plumbing and wiring fire wall forward

Inspection and repair of a scrape on the lower port wingtip – scratched in a taxiing incident (no prop strike – bungee broke)
Checkout of instruments and avionics – Mostly old stuff and limited.

Other issues: Documentation on the plane cannot be found – No log books or operating limitations I believe it is a 1971 with an HIO-360 – but Ron or Kenny's relatives were unable to find logs. Engine “guestimated” time is around 300 hours SMOH I know he spent a lot of money overhauling it . It also has a current Airworthiness Certificate
This airplane would be great project for someone who could spend a month or more full time working on it, and taking care of the paperwork ?

The original builder Kenny Ellwood was a dear friend and we had attended many fly-ins together over the yrs but he went west some yrs ago due to old age and Alzheimer's. Ron was also a friend of Kenny's and acquired it from the family with the airplane needing new gear engine mount and covering, and thought he could do all of this and make it fly. But like most of us ;life gets in the way and has since decided he has to many things and it needs to go to a new home.

On the plus side – Ron would sell to an “enthusiast” at a very good price – one that is capable and wants to make it fly. Ron would be happy if I would “spread the word”. So as a Starduster guy I am placing this offer on the Biplane forum the asking price is $ 20,000 but is negotiable and Ron would sell it “very reasonably” to someone who would promise to finish and fly the plane. Dave

Contact [email protected]

Or Call 541-223-3162 Cell


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