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Baxter's Starduster Build Pics

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Jan 6, 2010
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Midland Ontario Canada
If you have or are building a Starduster, you know Dave Baxter, or should. He knows more than anyone about Stardusters, having worked for Stolp and built and flown Dusters, and gives freely of his time and advice.
He sent me a collection of his build pics, 2,373 of them, on a number of CD's! He has sent the same to a number of us, but it's time consuming for him to burn CD's and package and mail them. I spoke to Dave yesterday and he gave his consent for me to post them for anyone interested in Starduster's, and said it would save him time too.
So I uploaded them to Google Drive. You can go to the link below and download them if you want. It will take time!
A picture is worth 1000 words, think how 2373 pics can help if you're building.
Admin, if you want to download them and somehow make them a sticky for the forum go ahead.

Happy building

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