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Build a Hangar

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Jun 12, 2009
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Hi, guys and gals, I'm new here. My name is Matt and I'm a bush pilot in Papua New Guinea, an island in the South Pacific. We are starting a missionary flying program and plan to build a hangar in the middle of the jungle.

I have been trying to find some pole-barn type design for the hangar, since we can get all the wood cut locally. We would only have to fly in (that's right--all hardware has to be flown in...no roads in our area!) the bolts, roofing sheets, etc. But the framing can be done locally. So that puts a quonset hut or steel building on the outs for us.

I think we have found a simple door-the "Ultimate Door" which uses a hand powered winch to lift and swing the door out of the way via cables and pulleys.

I'm trying to find some design plans for a pole barn type hangar that would be about 40-50 feet wide by 30-40 feet deep. We will be hangaring a Cessna 206 inside it.

If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to drop your "two cents."

Happy Flying and always land with your wheels on the shady side.


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