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Bungee truss - up or down ? R versin


Radial Skybolt Builder: 220.45% completed
Aug 21, 2006
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South Jersey
OK... so I decided that I wasn't going to make the "hydraulic" landing gear that they show on the R plans. Never been done and I wasn't going to be the first to do it.

SO... I made the bungee truss like the original has. Tacked it into place wiht it sticking up into the fuselage (at station 5.o where they had the other truss and when I go to put in the intercostals (I think that's what Randy called them - the diagonals that go from the upper longerons to the middle of a lower cross tube) they hit the upper tube of the bungee truss.

NOW... the hydraulic truss is shown on the plans upsided-down, as compared to what the Standard Skybolt truss is. (see drawing) It's basically hanging in the wind, but I guess it would be faired out on the bottom to be inline with the radial engine.

MY QUESTION... should I have this bungee truss pointing down so that the intercostals don't hit it OR should I make this bungee truss A LOT shorter so that it doesn't hit it. I think that on the Standard Skybolt the truss is at station 13.o

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