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Cabane Strut Build Advice

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Jan 3, 2007
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I'm ready to make up my permanent cabanes after mocking up my wings on temporary struts to tweak the lengths. I have a couple of options in mind of how to build them and a couple of concerns.

First, if i fork one end and use the procedure below for the other end...how do i treat the tube for weather/corrosion protection on the interior?
Does it matter if the open end faces up or down? I'd planned open end down so no water would collect at the fork barrell....but have seen them face the other direction on some other builds.

What if i were to fork both ends? That would seal the strut, allow more adjustment, .....but i would have to safety the strut i suppose so it wouldn't be able to be turned around. Any reason why not?

What is done on the Skybolt R ?


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