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Canopy Frame

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Nov 27, 2021
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I realize this is a long shot; But...........

Does anyone happen to have a Christen Eagle II canopy frame or whole canopy laying around, or have knowledge of where one might be found?


Have knowledge of someone who might be ready, able, and willing to rebuild/repair a canopy frame and attempt to retain the current bubble and/or skirt. ( I would even be thrilled to learn any advice from someone who has replaced a frame or a bubble)

I know I can order these items from Aviat. I have had the good fortune of speaking with the famous Jannette at Aviat about it. I have priced the frame, skirt, and bubble. They are very pricey, so I thought I'd throw out a search quest to the best resource available for our beloved aircraft..... you all!

Quick back story for all those who want to ask, "Why do you need a canopy frame????" I don't have cool story like "my radio fell through it during heavy aerobatics" or "I hit a Pterodactyl in a 4G inverted dive with a MIG and the whole frame ripped off... " nope, none of that. the truth is:
I recently acquired a long fantasized about, Eagle II and I found some soft spots in the frame where bondo had been used to smooth a neat chamfer of the frame tube-to-fiberglass skirt joints and thus collected moisture between the frame and the bondo.

Thanks!! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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