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Cole Brothers

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Nov 10, 2006
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Monroe, Louisiana
The neat thing about working on an airport is the people that sometimes fly in. Wednesday around 2:30 a Decathlon came in and taxied up to the hanger. Marion Cole climbed out. I hadn't seen him in several years.

When I was in high school we flew Radio control at the same field he used for practice when he was flying the Jungman. I've watched the Cole family fly for as long as I can remember going to airports. The first airshow I can remember featured Rollie Cole flying a 450 Stearman with his Mother on the wing. His Dad, Duane was announcing. As I recall Rollie was 16. We talked a bit, mostly about the merits of always making 3 point landings and how they are easier on the airplane.

The prototype Acro II is hangered near Marions hanger. He used it to take his grandson flying when he came to visit. His grandsons' request was to fly in an open cockpit biplane like they did in the old days. Wow.

As I watched his departure I marveled at the safe practice and precision he has always used in his flights. Every thing he does has purpose, From clearing the area around the plane before he enters, the careful slow taxi, run up, mag check, clearing turns before entering the active and the take off. He just carries the tail high enough so that when the airplane is ready, it simply and smoothly leaves the ground. It is what he has taught and it is what he does. I know, I've watched for over 45 years.



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