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Dales Joint Jigger Article

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Radial Skybolt Builder: 220.45% completed
Aug 21, 2006
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South Jersey

The UPS guy dropped off my Joint Jigger yesterday.
I decided to re-read the article that Dale wrote up for the builder's manual. Followed Dale's words to theletter. Let metell you... cutting that tubeis almost, not quite there, but almost as much fun as itis to weld.

Cut through a piece of 1 1/8" tube like it was butter with a hot knife. The angle on the piece was about 30 degrees. Get the angle with the adjustable square (so you set the jigger for 150 degrees) set up the angle on the Joint Jigger and it'll come out right on the money. I couldn't believe it so I made another cut with it. Same thing.

Take the two bolts out, as Dale suggests, and you can cut any angle you want. Fast to change the angles too.

Glad I paid that money for the Joint Jigger. It'll make cutting this fuselage tubing a cinch. Best price I found was Trick Tools. Was about $150.00 plus $10.00 shipping.
<DIV align=center>
<DIV align=center>My first cut.

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