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Douglas Fir laminated Spars

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Sep 13, 2006
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So I am on this quest.....

There are somehome improvement centers that carry C-Select Douglas Fir. You won't find any that you can make a spar from unless you laminate it because it's not available in these places in the correct thickness.

Anyway, I did my research on what king of wood to look for, grain per inch, grain runout, flaws, etc.... So I set out to see if I could find any.

Since I live int he Tampa Bay area (densly populated), I have many of these places to choose from in a 25 sq mile area.

Today I visited three such places and climbed into the lumber rack and started looking. I found two good pieces between three stores.

I will continue to look. I need to build 4 front spars and will make the rear spars from Spruce.

Anyway, I'm going tolaminate 5 spars, 1 for destruction testing.....that's if I can find enough wood.

If not.....it's cheap enough that I will laminate one anyway and destroy it to see how it holds up.

Should I try to destroy it on the wode face or the narrow face?

Ideas anyone? I think it'll be a good experiment to do before I trust it in my airplane.


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