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Drag/Antidrag wires

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Mar 10, 2017
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I'm installing new drag/antidrag wires in my Smith wings . My existing wires are what appears to be 4130 (painted) .132 in size with 6-40 thread (mostly) . There are a few of them that have an upset on one end with 10-32 rolled thread . My guess is that the builder aquired some of these wires that were longer and clipped one end to thread (cut threads) at 6-40 .He actually did a nice job of it and it looks like it worked but I cannot reinstall like that . The .132 wires with 6-40 threads , in my opinion are a bit on the frail side so my intention is to replace all wires , upper and lower wings , with .157 wires with 8-40 threads . I have the tooling to fab the new wires at that size and thread , with cut threads . My wires are all the Cub/Taylor style with spoke type nipple . I guess what I'm needing opinions on is wire type and grade . I'd like to go with stainless but not sure of which grade . I have 3/16 stainless but it appears to be too bulky and heavy for my application and I'm not sure if it's 304 or 316 grade . Let me know what ya think . Thanx Dennis


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