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EAA article process discussion

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Jan 1, 2006
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<from Neil:

I have done a number of technical articles for EAA, IAC and the Acro Sport Newsletter. At the time three Acro IIs were going together in my shop and two more locally that we were making parts for. This was very fertile ground for producing how to articles. The three of us here were all Tool Makers and each placed a high demand on the other for fit , finish, and accuracy. Several times we found ourselves trying to reinvent the wheel only to decide the plans version to be totally sufficient.

I found that it took a month of spare time to produce an article that was defined , proven and adaptable to multiple designs and be worthy of publication.

All this to try to illustrate what is needed to produce what I, personally think is being requested.

After the first of the year I will be moving my project to work (Southern Air / Legacy Aviation) Wing root fairings and engine baffles will be the focus of the work and as time permits I will produce some How To articles. There is no way I can commit to a publication schedule.

To any one wishing to offer up articles for Sport Aviation, be sure they have merit. If it is an alteration to the plans be sure you can qualify the need. If possible write in such a manner that the method applied can be used in many similar designs. Type specific articles are not valued as much as general method due to the narrow focus. For instance, what would be the difference in the value of this forum if it were Skybolt only rather than Biplane.

After reading Neil's aforementionedpost from another thread, It dawned on me that for us to produce articles to a level good enough forpublication we will have to have some level of proofing process. For example, we cannot just have Jon Doe writing an article, putting a biplaneforum stamp on it, and sending to the EAA pubs' Director - even if the said article was great in all aspects. Content would have to be proof read by others on herefor accuracy and quality.

Maybe I could setup arestricted discussionarea where articles are submitted, then access would be granted to say,members only... and final approval for submitting would be madeby a small group of users,for example,the moderators andotherexperienced guys. I am just thinking out loud here..

Also, do we have enough experienced buildersthat are actually interested in writing articles? It may be that we don't. Just food for thought...

Currently, we have something tentative fromIanj, Scottly, and something in the immediatefuture from Neil.


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