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Finally Back!

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Dec 18, 2008
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Well, it has been a while since I have been working on my skybolt project,but I am back.I have been in schoool the last several months to get my type rating in the B777 at Fedex. First airplane arrives next month.Anyway I have a friend is is a certified professional welder who is welding up my fuselage as we speak.He put in 5 hours the other day and got about 1/3 of it done and they are beautiful welds.I guess it just takes experience.He is even able to easily weld up the tubes I cut that have gaps in the joints.It is like watching an artist.While he is doing it he is also teaching me and in one day my welds are 100% better.
I thought I would pass along the most important thing he taught me to improve my welds.You want to use a tungsten that is close in size to the thickness of the material you are welding.The reason is that if you use one thicker than the material then by the time it heats up you are already too hot and will burn through the tube.We switched tungstens and the first weld I did was great!

I also bought a load of parts from a guy in CA.I got the gear,Rudder,Elevator,horizontal stab,trimtab,rudder pedals,master cylinders,Fully aerobatic fuel tank,nose bowl,all of the cowling,and a bunch of other stuff for a grand! My buddy says all the welding hd been done by a pro.
Any way I am building again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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