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For sale, the most beaufiful Acroduster Too


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Jul 19, 2011
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The most beautiful plane on the market. Pride of all airshows.
Always professionally flown and meticulously maintained.
Lyc. AIO-360, inverted fuel and oil system. SMOH: 465 hrs. 4-1 free flow exhaust. Equivalent to 210 HP.
Harzel CS prop. Airframe: 465 hrs. Condition: 10 / 10.
Fuel 35 gal (main 23 + wing 12) end.: 3.5 hrs +- 9 g. max cruise speed: 125 kts.
Aluminum Landing gear. extended rear cockpit stick. PTT on the stick and throttle.
High noise intercom. King KY97A / KT-76A,
Two Silhouette parachutes
New eq: tires, battery, distributor, spark plugs. Newly polished canopy.
Paint 9 / 10
For info please call Avi Maltzman: 949-690-1419 ([email protected])View media item 6764watch my videos on youtube:


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