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Forum Rules

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The following rules are here to make things a little easier and to attempt to add some order to the chaos.

This site is now well established. We have become successful in part, due to natural demand with us meeting this demand head-on, and the fact that we have Rules of Conduct; our success is partly due to us having the thankless task of moderating [interventions are rare - kudos to all you users!], thus creating a no nonsense, down to earth friendly atmosphere. Hopefully we will continue to grow in order to facilitate the many biplane builders and to encourage others out there. These rules are not open to public discussion.

Rules of Conduct

1.Discuss, invent, innovate, chat, plan, ask questions.

2. Respect others. Personal attacks are strictly prohibited. Debates are fine, but when it turns personal and becomes incessant - that's a no-no.

This includes repeated and sustained negative opinions (however subtle)regarding business entities. Remember, the biplane world is small-knit, and negativity (however subtle)can do a lot of harm to a business in a public forum. So, no vendor bashing.

3. No posting of data that is sexually based or sexually explicit. This includes, links to porn sites, pics, and suggestive language.

4.Avoid hot linking images from other sites.

5.No foul language.

6. All forums have a relevant title. When starting a new thread, make sure you do so in the proper category.

7.Do not post the same question in more than one area.

8. Private messages are exactly that - private. Never paste content from Private Messages except with prior permission of the user who sent it.

9. The private messenger feature is not for private exchanges of ideas. This cheats the rest of us and goes against what this website is all about - sharing.

10. If you have a question that deviates from the thread topic - start a new topic - It's free!.

11. Think before you post: Should it be a public post, or better suited in Private Messages? ie. "I will come to see your plane on Saturday" should be a Private Message, not a public post.

12. No animated gif avatars.

11. Classifieds require that you post at least a starting price.

13. We reserve the right to edit or delete any post, link, or image.

Remember, ask questions! The only stupid question is the one never asked...

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