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Front Office 7 year update

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Dennis Flamini

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Sep 6, 2007
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Anyone know how this worked out for Front Office?

Ok, I am sick of all this airline B.S. You too? Been doing this crap for 27 years.
The FAA, bitchy old 250â flight attendants with rear ends the size of pack mules, rags and f#gâs, bad schedules, being JA'ed, non-reving, bad management, dead heading in the middle seat, mergers, seniority, all-nighters, no food, bad coffee, bidding, shitty hotels, vacation, kids, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends or both, waiting for gates, weather, low approaches, PC's, PT's, weak check airman, medicals, driving to work, commuting to and from work, spring break, Christmas, Chanukah, Easter, car payments, house payments, insurance, alimony, child support, gas, electric bills, lawn service, maids (because your fat ass wife wont get her a## off the couch), cant drink, drug and alcohol testing, dry cleaning, security, TSA, Terrorism, bad porn, good porn you can't have, no porn magazines in the airplanes anymore, sexual harassment charges, high gas/oil prices, IRS, rush hour traffic, that damn alarm clock, crash pads, co-pilot's that tell you are a bit high and fast and she/he puts the frick-en speed breaks out 80 miles from the airport at 5000' when you are trying to get your commute flight home, flight attendants and co-pilots telling you they are senior after being there 3 years, cell phone's, bidding every damn month, they guy or gal on the headset that you cant understand and I am sure there is more.

Well I am sick of it!!! I just went out and bought a 40' ocean-going sailboat. I am out of here!!! No more of all this B.S.

Might even step up to the 56' by the years end if any of you want to come up with some additional bucks.

I am out of here in January. Quitting!!! Yep thats right I am out of here. Want to go? Start planning, I want to see the world, want to go? Where we going, who knows, who cares!!! I do know there will be a stop in the Virgin Islands, Costa Rica, and New Zealand and where ever else the trade winds take us. We will decide when we want to! Not Crew Scheduling!!!

Want to go? Start planning, do you drink, smoke, or scratch youre ass or balls in the morning? Who cares!!! I don't. Laid back, want to get away (Thanks WN), tired of all the Bull S., want to see the world, no hang-ups, enjoy life, have some extra bucks or just find this interesting, well e mail me.

I am selling everything as you read this. It's going to be so much fun to tell crew scheduling to shove it up there a## on my last day, not to mention my chicken sh#t chief pilot.

I am fed up!!! You too? I am not kidding, sell the house, cars, and cash out the 401kâs, IRAs, stocks, bonds or what ever else you may have. They will never find us. Just donât plan on coming back if you sell all that stuff. I am not coming back. My closest friends will know where I am.

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