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FS: Piel Beryl CP-750 Plans


Dec 29, 2010
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I know, I know more monoplane stuff...

Complete set of Piel Beryl plans (think tandem CAP-10B). The plans are in good shape and include steel tube and wood fuselage options.
Asking $150.


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Nov 10, 2006
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Monroe, Louisiana
If I were going to build another airplane, the CP 750 Beryl is probably what it would be. I really like the design. Sort of a homebuilt Chipmunk.



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Jun 20, 2008
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Cool airplane. Lots of little bits in the wing.



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Aug 7, 2012
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Hello from Texas.

I am interested in buying your CP750 plans. Do you still have them?

I am retired from the portable general aviation aircraft oxygen and model airplane industry. My hobby is drawing up 3D Solid Modeling CAD drawings of 30% scale RC scale models. My modeling interest is in home built aircraft. I work from full-size plans for my data. My plans are extremely detailed including every nut and washer.

Within reason, I try and duplicate the structure of the full-scale aircraft. Some changes have to be made to accept the model engine and the RC equipment. Also the model has to be designed for somewhat easy removal of the wing for transport reasons. Scale material sizes have to be altered to use available materials. Can get most material from Aircraft Spruce.

Have completed 30% scale drawings for a Isacs Fury II English home built biplane, a CX4, Belgium Tipsy Junior, and a model of my father's Nelson Hummingbird auxiliary powered sailplane. Drawings are about 3/4 finished for a Great Lakes biplane (the l970-80 version).

My current project is a French Bebe Jodel D9. I have a set of full-scale drawings. They are in French, but Google helps me out with some of the translations. The mm dimensions are great. I just multiply the mm x .012 and that gives me a decimal dimension for my 30% scale model.

I would be glad to send you by email some of my 3D illustrations. Need you email address for me to send them.

My next project will the a CP 750 also in 30% scale. It should make a great scale model for IAC advanced maneuver sequences.

Looking forward to your reply. No great rush. Still have some more work to do finish my Jodel drawings. Guess that my drawings are about 90% complete. Haven't started the building instructions. The instructions for my Tipsy Junior is over 300 pages with more than 200 computer generated instructions. My instructions, I think, are better than the Christen Eagle instructions. The Eagle instructions are the best home built aircraft instructions I have seen.

Many of the home built instructions and drawings are not as good as many model airplane kits.

By the way, I am 75. a widower, 4 grand kids, have a private single engine land and glider ticket, instrument rated, and also have an A&P license. Have about 800 hours. Last aircraft about 20 years ago was a Cherokee 6 PA300. Have about 200 hours of glider time. Live in Keller, Texas. A suburb north of Fort Worth and due west of DFW airport.

Lived in Hillsboro, Orgeon for about 12 years. Went to many of the Evergreen fly-ins.

Jerry Nelson

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