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1972 Pitts S-1S N914 Project For Sale

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Dec 24, 2013
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Minneapolis, MN
This was a flying Pitts when stripped for refurb in 2016 (Not by me). I have taken it as far as my time allows and it needs a loving home to get it over the finish line!
It was built originally as an S-1 and after a few years a set of Sparcraft wings were built and installed by the original builder.

Located KFCM Flying Cloud, Minneapolis, MN

This Pitts was Flown by Jason Flood competitively.

MANY photos and logs available -- PM for more details

Asking $25K








When It was flying - Google N914, lots of pics

  • All original logs
  • Original airworthiness cert and data plate
  • Engine stored in residence or heated hangar since removed from plane
  • Engine cylinders oiled periodically
  • Original Fairings
  • Original Plenum
  • Original Nosebowl
  • 2 sets wheel pants
  • Mostly original gauges, levers, inspection covers
  • Original Sensenich metal prop
  • Original Flying and Landing wires
  • O-320 with brand New Airflow Performance FM-150 Fuel Injection Kit
  • Stored in heated hangar and lubed regularly
  • 330 HRS SMOH
  • Sparcraft wings in great condition
  • Ready to Cover
  • All New AN hardware and bearings
  • Steen wood leading edges
  • Replaced2 ribs and fixed/contoured false ribs for wood leading edges
  • Gussets added
  • New pitot/static plumbing
  • Stripped and in self etching primer
  • Fit new tank
  • Fitting all fuselage sheet metal
  • Fitting some plumbing
  • Revised/repaired turtle deck ready to mount
  • New Nosebowl fit
  • Cockpit forward sheet metal fit
New Parts:
  • Brake cylinders rebuilt
  • Christen 803 Inverted oil system
  • Pitot tube/bracket
  • Panel
  • Airflow performance FM-150 Fuel Injection kit
    • Includes Engine driven pump
    • Electric Pump
    • Injectors, plumbing, spider etc
  • B&C Specialty Lightweight Starter BCS206
  • B&C Accessory Mount Alternator SD8 with regulator
  • Fuel Tank – Steen
  • Firewall – Steen
  • Sheet Metal – cockpit Forward – Steen
  • Nosebowl – Steen
  • Fuselage Wood Stringers
  • Seatback and Cockpit floor - Steen
  • Rocker Cover Gaskets
  • Exhaust Gaskets
  • 8 inspection covers Steen
  • Lord Engine Mounts

Pictures Here:


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