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Fuel Foam/Fuel Cell

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Premium Member
Jan 3, 2007
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This one is for those of you with experience with race fuel cells or possible corporate aircraft with foam filled fuselage tanks...Hawkerjets i think???

I've been thinking about using a fuel foam in my Bipe's tank for several reasons. Mainly crashworthiness...little fuel spray if the tank fails in compression. Second, an effective baffle.

Fuel capacity is only reduced about 1 or 2% depending on the type foam.

One drawback is building the tank with access to remove/replace foam..i read every 3 yrs. My tank is in the centersection...6 foot span, 26" chord,
5+ inches depth.

Here is the biggy.I found a couple of comments on drag racing sites about fuel foam breaking up into dust/powder and ending up in the carb.
This foam is used in the F18 and in some corporate jets with a fuselage tank. I wonder ifaviation foam is more durable than what you would find in the auto racing industry...summit or jeggs, etc.

Would some of our members with experience with fuel foams please chime in???Edited by: bigblackmastiff

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