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fuel vent/ check valve question

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Jan 3, 2007
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Hey guys.

I recently decided to change over from one very large tank in my centersection toa dual tank installation, still in the centersection. This complicated my vent lines and will probably result in a seperate vent line for each.

I saw rollover valves for racing and wondered if they would work? What happens if you put one in each tanktop vent? The only drawback i can think of off hand would be the vent closing if you were changing altitude while in negative G. This would trap pressure in the tank, but i wouldn't think it would be much.I think you'd have to change around 2500-3600 feet to have 1 PSI change...and you'd have to be holding negative the whole way or the vent would open.

I might be wrong about all this. Just curious if its been done?

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