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Gang sanding/cutting

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Jan 3, 2007
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I was reading thru gotchas and tips... here are a couple of things i've done that have helped me out.

First i use a short stub spar to finish sand gussets and to check none of the ribs havediffered during the build. I didnt have any trouble on my Jr Ace wings...but i have around 72 ribs off my jig with this bipe and i was able to catch it when a block wore and began to allow the rear spar slot to narrow. i'd also weld my next jigif i planned to make so many ribs.


Its also difficult i think not to have error in the leading edge stringer slots...I made my ribs with a small slot in the jig and made a really basic stand to run a small electic circular saw in to expand the slot while the ribs are in the stub spar. This way all the slots are right on...and there wont be any ups and downs as you site down the nose stringer on an assembled wing.

Here is a pictre of dad doing the honors.



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