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how are ailerns setup?

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Aug 3, 2008
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hey, I'm looking too scratch build a sopwith pup, first 1/4 to work out all the details, then a full size.. or close too so I can fall under the ultralight category.

but at the moment I'm still in the resuerch stage, and unfortunatly there is no Air Museum nearby where I live (though I might take a 2hr trip too one..)


how doe's the cable of the top wing ailerons go from the stick too the ailerons? I got some fairly high def. pic I scavenged from the internet, but none that I can find how it's connected... any help would be apreciatec, Diagrams evens more so. (so far all I know is that it goes from the Aleron to the front of the wing (all the way too the front) too a pully.. then I can't trace it anymore..

Edit: just thinking. did they sleacecables back then so that they didn't always need pully's? becouse I see 2 hoses on the front middle support bar thing that look like fuel lines, but the gad tand is infront of the pilot..
could cables be routed thrue there?

<img removed. no hotlinking to other sites please.beej

I had a close up picture of it, but can't find it at the moment...


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