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How do I tighten my flying wires?

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Feb 20, 2008
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I've been watching the flying (and landing) wires on the 'Bolt during flight and it seems that some of the flying wires vibrate more than others. There does seem to be a differential tightness of them while on the ground. I'm worried about not equally distributing higher g's across all the flying wires and putting all the load on only one or two of them.
I know that Steen recommendswires be tightened to +/-1.5 inch deflection with a 30 lb pull, but I'm wondering - how do I do this?(The ends of the wires are tucked up in the wing.) Also, can tightening these change the flying characteristics of the wing(incidence, washout)? It flies straight now.

I was looking at the wires on two different Pitts planes at my airport, and their wires arepretty tight (almost no give whatsoever). Is there an advantage to this?

Finally, I know that rigging a biplane can be difficult and there's a lot behind it, so any help you all can provide would be great!



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