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Internal brace wire tensions

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Premium Member
Jan 3, 2007
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This one is for everybody.

I trammeled my wings for my mock rigging...but i haven't put very much tension on anything yet. I have someone looking up the stearman #'s for me for tension on the internal brace wires but want to compare those #'s with the skybolt and pitts just as a common sense check since i am using the method of securing the wires against hard maple blocks as in those designs.

Big sky stearman notes :
"Use a tensionmeter to tighten the wires. You can find the tensions in the Structural Repair Manual, AN 01-70AC-3"

I have assembly manuals, blueprints, and all kind of stuff...but have to wait for a buddy to reference this one. In the meantime..can you guys let me know what tensions are standard for the designs you are building? If there is much difference between the skybolt, pitts, and stearman i'll have to pause and make sure i'm not going to overtorque anything.


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