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Just acquired Toot, needs some work.


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Apr 6, 2009
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First, an introduction. I'm Matt Thompson, I live in southeast Colorado, and I recently bought a Little Toot that's been sitting idle in a local hangar for about ten years. It definitely needs some repair and I'll be hitting up the knowledgeable people here with some questions. I was thrilled to find such a great resource (this forum). I've been researching the Little Toot design for a few months now and I'm pretty excited about it. There seems to be a faithfull following of this great looking airplane and I'm happy to join the ranks.

A little background on the airplane:
It was built in 1979 in Canon City, CO. It strays from the original design in that the tail surfaces are all tube and fabric. The plane first flew with an O-290G and was later changed to an O-320. The original owner/builder put about 52 hours on the airframe. The plane was sold to a guy here at my home airport (CO80). He put around 25 hours on the plane and then the roof of his hangar collapsed. The upper left wing sustained some damage. The rear spar has a pretty nasty crack but only one rib shows any damage. The second owner then removed the O-320, sold it, and installed an O-290D2. I think I would've prefered the O-320 but, oh well. The plane has been sitting around collecting dust for the better part of ten years, until now.

I've only been in this area for about 6 years, so I didn't ever see the Toot actually fly. I don't have any experience with wood and fabric construction, but with some local help (and advice received here), I hope to have my "new" Little Toot back in the air in a couple of months. I hope to post some pics soon.Edited by: Tooter_too

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