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Left Wing DONE

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX

<TD vAlign=top>Tip foam finished...

The tip foam was some blue foam that an RV guy gave to me, I think its the standard FB foam from A.S.S. The foam was glued in place using ClearCoat. I used a panel saw to cut the bulk off, and then used Superfil Epoxy lightweightfiller to cover. This stuff sands very easily, yet is pretty tough when you hit it. An orbital sander worked great for shaping. Two coats of Clearcoat were brushed on to finish. Fibreglass would be the perfect solution for this task, but I had trouble with that on an earlier attempt with the right wing, the Superfil method was a good alternative.

Although not on the plans, I finally decided to add corner gussets behind the spars on all the ribs. I then finally decided that I wanted to feather-in the 1/16plyleading edge step that is created along the wing. I did this by glueing [System3 Quick Cure Epoxy]on 1/16 x 1/4 x 5 strips to each rib aft of the leading edge, then feathering-in with a block sander and Clearcoating twice.

I finished the finaltweaks 1 a.m. Christmas day - a nice ending point. The port lower wing is now done!

Now I plan on the relatively quick task ofadding the corner gussets and feather-in strips to the starboard wing, then Iwill start planning for big-bertha - the 24ftupper wing...

Feathered-ply aft of leading edges...


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