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Left Wing II

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Jan 1, 2006
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Compression struts fitted...

The compression struts came from material in the 'bargain bundle' box from ASS. I ripped to 13/16 x 13/16 then planed down to 3/4 using the bench planer. If using a bench planer, leave the pieces over size in length, because the planer will leave a snipe [slight dip]on each end which you can then cut-off. The struts were glued in place on center line with a nail gun and nailing blocks which I removed afterwards.

'drag wire blocks were then glued into place. I am using 'full' blocks like on the upper wing, I think this better, because the wires being pulled either side of a block will be pulling 'into' each other.

Drilling for the wires was a much more easier affair than on the first wing. Firstly, I already had the drill jig made and ready to go. Secondly, I now knew the optimum sequence of 'over and under' of the wires. The sequence requires that an 'over' wire be in the vicinity of the bellcrank area. I have seen posts around the web from builders who got into a clashing problem having an 'under' wire near the bellcrank/pushrod. Wires were drilled out for 3/16, then reamed out to 7/32 to allow for the epoxy primer thicknesson the wires.

Setting the blocks...

Drag wire dry fit...

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