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Left Wing VI

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Jan 1, 2006
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Austin, TX
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Ready for glueing. The string was for checking flatness...

All the spar filler strips were gang planed down to as near flush with the ribs as possible, leaving just a hair for flat sanding. I glued on the strips with T-88 and nailers which were removed afterwards.

The spar tip fillers were block planed down to suit the merge into the tip bows then block sanded. I was now ready for the initial Clear Coat. I learned from the first wing that a thin coat needs to be applied becausethis stuff runs faster thanCarl Lewis.The end grain of the spars needed a good stippling action with the glue brush to get plenty in there, and I went back to them to add more since the end grain soaks it up.

I intend toapply a final coat and at the same time will be syringing the stuff into holes then probing with a pipe cleaner.

Tip: While sanding / planing. With a pencil,mark the shaded area near your actionwhere you don't want to touch - a great visual guide.

A handy little block plane for small areas...

Note the pencil shading on the bow - great as a keep-away marker...

Hey guys, is it just me building a plane on here? Share your experiences too! [pics welcome!]

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