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Little Toot Project update


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Jan 8, 2009
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This was a very exciting weekend.Listed below are updates on the projects in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and Florida area.
<LI>Tommy Meyer's Big Toot. Finished left Top wing started construction of the right top wing.
<LI>Gary Platner"s Mighty Mouse Toot. Rear fuselage ready for covering, expected to start and finish this week. New Polished Prop and painted spinner ready to install. All flight surfaces completed and ready for Paint shop.
<LI>Stever Odell's Odie Toot. Final painting completed, all fuselage stripping and bottom arrow painting completed. Installed all graphic and Little Toot logo's. Wings going on next week.
<LI>Wayne Snider Thumper Toot. Getting her electrical system. Being made ready for New Cowling and wheel Pants. Wings, and tail feathers are finished and up to Silver. Looks really nice.
<LI>Bob Borger's Taz Toot. Fuselage being ready to mount wings and do weight and balance for New Lyc. IO-0-390. Then start welding up ngine mount. This is the only stretched Little Toot that we know about. Stretch 9". Lots of leg room for Mr. Borger who is over Six foot tall.This new engine is going to be plenty of horse power for the extended Little Toot. More to come in pictures on this airpane.
<LI>Lee Whatley's toot is finished now and has One hour of flying time. Lee is waiting on redesigned exhaust system. He had a slight exhaust rub on cowling first flight. Matt Williams "Big Toot" Still building ribs and more ribs. Matt is doing well. Matt's father is so interested in his project he informed Matt that he would be building ribs while Matt is at work. </LI>[/list]

Edited by: Son of toot

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