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Loose Drag / Anti-Drag after Rigging


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Mar 19, 2022
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Huntersville, North Carolina
We're doing the final inspections before test flying and just found the drag wires have become loose in the top wing after the flying and landing wires were rigged.

All drag and anti drag wires were checked to be tight prior to rigging so the only change was adding tension to the flying/landing wires. F/L were rigged to 25lbs at .5" deflection.

The anti wire at the ( rear wing root of the bottom wing) was able to be tightened without issue. The outboard top wing wires are proving difficult without turning the wing into Swiss cheese.

The geometry of the flying wires pulling the top wing forward makes sense why the drag wires would have come slack and anti drag are at suitable tension.

My question is, would this be cause for concern and should be tightened prior to flying? Or is this the reason why WAY to many Pitts don't have the inspection holes cut out yet on the top wing (ignorance is bliss)?

Bonus question: We also had to rig the top wing to have .9° washout to be parallel with the bottom wings, does anyone have negative/positive experience and feedback on flying a pitts with washout?

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