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Making Clips & Standoffs

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Sep 28, 2007
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I was asked by a couple of people where I got the clips for stingers. I've looked everywhere, nobody makes them so you got to do them yourself. I'll post these if anybody want to do it this way. I cant take all the credit I got the idea from "skybolt540" who also agreed the job was a b*tch. I first got a sheet of .031 18x72. Cut it in half (18x36) then had it sheared into 2"x3' strips. Then I bent them into 1" wide with 1/2" sides.



Then I set up my chop saw with a 1" stop and started chopping. Be careful and you may want to put up some kind of a backstop these will shoot out of the saw sometimes like bullets.


I ended up with a pile of raw clips, we made about 300 of these.


After that we put them to the belt sander to make different sizes for the different places that we will use them. Some will just have holes for rivets some will have nutplates attached.


Some of them we cut in half and rewelded back together for the narrow width of the stringer material. Its way more work than using the combing rails along the longerons but I think it will give a better look and be stronger without added weight possibly even less.
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