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N35RL SA-100 Rescue & Repair

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Dave Baxter

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Nov 14, 2007
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I thought this repair should have a post and thread all its own. One can review the Biplanes For Sale and the posts from SA-100 Damage for previous comments.

The three main things are.

Rear Fuselage damage.

LH landing gear damaged and bent

LH lower wing spar broken

Well as most of you know My son Dan and I have acquired this N35RL and am currently repairing the damage. So far have fixed the bent rear fuselage tubes as well as the landing gear. I also welded tabs for an inspection cover a the bottom back of the airplane, this enables one to get to and inspect the trim system as well as the controls rudder cables and walking beam in the rear fuselage, and it is ready to cover. Dave


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Landing gear repair and also made it taller to the same length as my SA-100 N96574. The first part was cutting the old axles off followed by making an inner sleeve out of the same size streamline tubing. This is done per Lou Stolp, in order to make an slip fit, I also added some gigantic rosette welds per 43-13 for and aft as well as the front and back side . I have this fixture, although crude and home made is adjustable allows me to place it on the lower longerons of either a Starduster single or two place as well as I also used it on the Skybolt, when I moved it aft and made it taller. Several others have also used this fixture to modify their gear to the later design. Once the inner sleeve was welded to the down tube and the axle. I added a wrapper around the whole thing and welded it up that reinforces it all and makes it approximately the same and just a bit bigger than the original SL tubing. After which it was sanded primed and painted. By the way both sides at the top were cracked, I expected the LH as it had all of the damage, but not the RH side! This was followed by installing the the brakes wheel pant mounting bracket for the wheel pant and then the white poster board gear fairing spat pattern. There is little or no guidance regarding streamline tubing that is in this case used on the landing gear, and one is on his own based on past experience, along with what one has in the way of material. But then after doing so I will fly what ever repair I have made. I have more pictures if anyone has any interest. Dave


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