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Need help on two fronts

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Jul 27, 2009
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I am wrestling with two problems in a newly acquired Skybolt. The first is a very stiff and hard to stear tailwheel. The unit is a scott 3200. It is so stiff that it in conjunction with soft brakes did not steer at taxi speeds very well. I disasembled the unit and found it packed with grease and five friction springs. I have cleaned, reassembled, and found it to be just as stiff if not stiffer. I am checking the parts exploded view to see if reassembled incorrectly. How stiff or difficult to turn should the tailwheel be when off the aircraft? The other problem and more difficult to diagnose, for me anyway, is a charging problem. The symptoms are simply, upon start up the amp meter showes 30 amps and if I add power the generator fuse blows. I know the previous owner had the same problem because a new Kelly Aerospace alternator and Zeftronics voltage regulator were installed. He could not get the system to charge and then after installing new parts found it was simply a blown fuse. I was also told that you had to start the engine with the generator off and then turn all electrical components on with the generator being last. I was also told the initial amp reading would be aroubd 30 and then it settled down. I found a lot of spare 30 amp fuses in the repair pars bag. Conclusion, there is another problem. I would appreciate and suggestions regarding where to start.


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