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Need help with a 10-200

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May 28, 2008
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I need some rigging help with an Ultimate10-200that I just bought.I have never rigged a biplane before but flying this one it seems to stall way to easy and any pull on the stick and it feels like I just thrown out the anchor. I had a Skybolt and a Acrosport prior and both would pull more G's than this plane. I am lucky to get 5.5 @ 160kts before it stalls.

The top wing has negative incidence of 3/8 of an inch or about 2 degrees negative. The bottom wing has positive incidence of about an5/8 of an inch or 3 degrees.Both wingswing have some anhedral the top wingalmost aninch and a half,butwithout plans I don't know whatthe riggingshould be.It flies like it is out of rig and even at speed the wings are stalling too easy. Ialso want to know what the horizontal stabilizer is supposed to be as well for it has a high degree of positive incidence. All this as measured with the longeron level at the cockpit.

I need some help. Does anyone have a set of plans for an Ultimate?



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