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New Firebolt project

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Jan 17, 2007
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hey guys

I am the proud new owner of a firebolt project. I understand the issues with the firebolt being heavier and if I was going to build a NEW plane it would be a skybolt, however this project was to nice to pass up.

It is just the fuse and engine so I will be building wings from scratch, so i know there will be lots of questions there.

But the wings are a ways off. Right now I am trying to put together a game plan on what needs to be done. (a bit hard since the plane is not here yet.)

To start I am researching the mods that McKenzie made to the skybolt. I know some are good others are bad. This I know so far:

-nose bowl: It is the firebolt stlye.

-Landing gear: It has grove spring gear. I know we could talk about the gear for weeks but I am sure that with practice I will be able to make good landings on spring gear.

-Canopy: It will be the firebolt stlye This has been started and lots of the parts are made for it. I have some friends who have built several airplanes. Hoping for there and your help with this tricky build. (help Randy!!!)

-Elevator trim system: I will plan on making this more like the skybolt system which I understand to have much less slop.

Thats all I know so far. If you guys can add to my list of things to look for it will be a great help. Once I get the project in my garage I will post some pics and you guys and girls (don't want to leave colleen out) can help with some head sctraching to figure out where some of these parts go.

Thanks for the help and I look forward to being a big part of this forum (Thanks John)


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