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New Gathering

Mr. Lucky

Feb 15, 2008
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Hello guys,
I am still contacting everyone to let anyone building a Hatz (of any model) or a Waco (of any model) know that we now have an area where we can all gather for information sharing. The system will only allow me to send 10 PM's per hour and this limits how fast I can get everyone gathered in. If you are further down the list then you will hear later than others. Sorry.

I have also let both Jeff Shoemake (Hatz Classic) and Chuck Brownlow (Hatz CB-1) know that we are starting a new gathering here on the biplane forum. I really was surprised that with all of the guys building any of these aircraft or with finished projects who would like to join in the discussions that there was no forum already in use for all of us to gather.

There is an active Waco forum on the National Waco Club website but this group hereis really primarily for those who are building replicas and want a more homespun group. I noticed that Barry B. supplied a number of you with Waco foot pedal drawings. Barry is a super person and has helped me immensely with my Waco information gathering. Not to mention a ride in the front seat of his YMF-5. Barry was one of the few guys who convinced me to build a Hatz first and then look for a Waco Title or a basket case to purchase rather than build a Waco replica. I am going to play that as it comes.

So here we are. I have been purchasing Waco YMF-5 drawings now for about a year and plan to use certain parts and plans to help me with my Hatz Classic project. I presently have almost a complete set of wing drawings and plan to purchase a complete set of YMF/UMF drawings so if along the way we can make use of those drawings I will gladly share what I get.

Welcome everyone and lets all have a great time.

Thanks and most of you have my direct e-mail so feel free to contact me if you have questions about both Hatz and Waco. I will relay all of the information that I can gather and hope that this group can help everyone.

Last but not least; this forum does not run itself and if you want to support Beej then I would ask that you purchase the rights to the Skybolt manual. Obviously we are not building Skybolts but the information currently posted is well worth the money regardless of what 2 wing airplane you are building. So let's all support the forum and help Beej. He is the one who gave us this area and this helps all of us allot.




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