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Oil Breather Tube

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Guido Lepore

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Jul 2, 2007
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My neighbor just received this new exhaust from SkyDynamics, 4-1. They've added a forward-pointing 5/8" tube that is intended to be plumbed to the oil breather tube coming out of the Christen Inverted Oil System. Instead of the current tube running the full length of the aircraft and dumping at the tail. They claim the engine "breathes" better because there isn't a slug of oil somewhere down the fuselage tube acting as sort of a plug.

So he went flying and everything seemed normal until he popped over a push humpty and the cockpit filled with smoke. Nothing you couldn't survive by holding your breath for a few seconds. SkyDynamics suggests constricting the flexible tube between the exhaust and the oil separator can with a hose clamp until the right amount of "breathability" is found.

Anybody else try this setup for an oil breather? One less hole in the firewall, get rid of a bunch of plumbing, etc - I'm tempted.

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