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oil breather tube

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Sep 15, 2006
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I am looking for any information concerning the oil breather line from the Christen oil separator. From pics it looks like builders have used aluminum tube or aeroquip hose. I assume aluminum tube is lighter.

First question is what size tube?

Second, in Scott Rodriguez gallery, he has photos of a Christen Eagle aluminum blowby exit tube he built for his plane. Seems pretty slick. Scott or anyone, can you tell us how you made it? Here is a link to the photo-

On Yellowbird, there is an opening in front of the tailwheel for the blowby tube to exit. That link is here-
I had thought this might be a good exit for cooling cockpit air to exit the plane as well. For cooling air to come in it seems you would need an exit path other than leaks. I suppose the downside is this is an easy path for bees or other insects to enter your plane. Any opinions?


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