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Oil flow to the coolers

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Nov 16, 2007
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I have been plagued with oil problems on my S1C. Originally, my 0320a had a oil screen housing with a vernatherm installed. Everything would be good until the oil temp got toaround 180, then the oil pressure would start fluctuating from 85 down to 30 or so, rapidly. The engine has less than 20 hours on it since overhaul, so I asked my engine builder what might be going on and he suggested that it could be I needed to do away with the vernatherm housing and just go with an oil screen housing. That stopped the oil pressure fluctuations, but the oil temp was now higher than I thought it should be, so I added another oil cooler and installed an additional air outlet on each side of the cowling. Today I flew for about 20 minutes with an OAT of about 65 degrees and got an oil temp of 230! I landed at the duster strip I fly from to investigate and discovered both oil coolers were cool to the touch, but the oil screen housing and oil sump was very hot,making me think I don't have any oil circulation thru the oil coolers. Any ideas as to what might be going on?

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