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Operating Limitations and Log Book Entries

Dave Baxter

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Nov 14, 2007
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Over the last several years, and on two recent occasions i have been involved with aircraft that have not had the correct log book entries regarding the completion of the flight tests during the first 25 or 40 hours.
The operating limitations have changed some over the years, mine issued in 1989 are not as complete as son Dans but basically say the same thing. i cannot speak for those issued to aircraft that were built before 1978 when the permanent airworthiness certificates were first issued and the exact wording specified. What i am concerned about is that when one is issued a repairman's certificate and the responsibility that goes with it, in that not only the time is flown off. but meaningful flight testing and the flight test envelope was reasonably investigated. After which a log book entry is suppose to be made stating that. ( I certify that the prescribed flight test hrs have been completed and the aircraft is controllable throughout its normal range and speeds and throughout all maneuvers to be executed, has no hazardous operating characteristics or design features and is safe for operation. The following aircraft operating data has been demonstrated during the flight testing: Speeds VSO ____,VX____. and VY____, and the weight____, and CG location____ at which they were obtained. Or a similarly worded statement ).
This this wording and entries in the permanent aircraft records is whats required to make the airplane legal for operation in phase II and then becomes the basis for the permanent airworthiness certificate.
Their are several other similar entries,one for aerobatics and if one incorporates a major change to the aircraft, and i will not go into the details of these requirements but they two are equally important.
My concern is that there are a number of aircraft currently flying with incomplete an inaccurate log book entries the results could be most interesting if one were to be involved in some sort of incident. Furthermore i do not think that FAA representatives or DAR,s thoroughly explain this requirement when issuing the operating limitations as well as A&P mechanics that perform annual condition inspections on these aircraft. Dave

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