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Pitot Tube

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Sep 13, 2006
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Haven't posted anything major in awhile, so I thought I'd show my Saturday afternoon project....A pitot tube and a static port

Start with a spare chunk of 6061-T6 square bar scrap from the scrap box...See Mom? That's why I never threw away anything!! :)


True two sides with face mill. This gives you a good surface to use as a straight reference. Then hog it out until you have this:


I put a 60deg bevel on the edges. Then drill a hole for a 1/2" tap on the top, and a hole for a 3/8" NPT tap in the side and thread, like so:


Then I used a piece of tubing, 6061T6, 1/2" diam .120 wall.I put a 45deg taper on one end, threaded the other end, and polished it. Screw it in and you have this:


Overall length: 17.5"

While I was there, I decided to cut a static port for my fuse. This picture does not show it completed. I have to chuck it in the rotary table on the mill and drill the four mounting holes....but here is what is done so far. It will mount from the inside using flush mount rivets:



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