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Posts n other boards

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Sep 13, 2006
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Many of you are members of another board that also has biplanes as it's subject matter. Recently, this board has become mostly inactive due to many reasons that I will not discuss here.

A certain keymember of that board recently posted a comment referring to the founder of THIS board, Beej. The comment basically stated that Beej joined the other board, took what information he needed, then left that board to form this one. In short, the comment alluded to Beej steeling information, as I read it.

If you are reading this, you probably already know what a great resource THIS board is to builders and flyers alike, of all designs. It appears to me, as a reader, that THIS board was created out of NECESSITY because the OTHER board was floundering and had minimal, if any, particiaption by it's members.

I for one am glad that Beej created this board. It's many members, including Randy and other too numerous to mention, have created a builders manual for the Skybolt and have contributed ideas and insight that is invaluable to the work I and others are doing.

I find it a shame that others must take their failures and rather than accepting reponsibility for them, they instead point the finger at others in some kind of blame game that makes them feel better.

It's sad that other boards have folded...they were great resources. But, this one is only just beginning, and it seems like a better idea toto join rather than compete against it. Things change, boards change, life changes..Finger pointing and competing serve no purpose but to derail the flow of information.

Sorry for the rant....if anyone has any questions they can private message me, because I'm done talking about this.

Thanks for this board Beej....I, for one, appreciate it.


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