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Questions - small continentals

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Jan 3, 2007
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Guys i need a little more info about small continental engines.

I'm looking at some cores,parts,etc and want to know about compatablity of parts. and some info on dash #'s.

Ideally id like to have a C90. From what i read the early C90 has a little bit meaner cam than the 0-200 and makes a little higher torque at low rpm. 95hp for takeoff.

Previously i owned a C85-12F but had it grenade on me. It broke the cam and crank in half. Dad and an IA friend put it together again with an 0-200 crank and cam. I also put on a B&C starter. I cant remember if we switched rods. We also borrowed2 cylinders from a 6 cyl for that rebuild. That was a good engine.

I want to use a starter/alternator. Are any of the accessory cases interchangeable? Is the accessory case on the 0-300 same as the 0-200?

Which engines share the same cases? which have the same cylinder? I'm fairly comfortable with the c85,c90 and 0-200....but which parts are common with the 75 a-80, a-65? etc.

Broad question i know...but fire away.Edited by: bigblackmastiff

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