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Radial Stardustertoo oil tank ,side saddle tank

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Aug 12, 2018
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Tyndall mb canada
Thought id share my radial engine oil tank adventure and decision, now that its coming to completion, bearing in mind, much research and considering CofG weight etc.
As mentioned in other posts, i had tossed the 24v LA battery behind the pilots seat, cradled under the cargo area, so i had opted to throw the oil tank within the rt side access panel, 28"L x 12"H x width varying 3-4.5" tapering frt to rear. Im estimating 4.5gal to the aeration tray/ operating level, which should be suitable for most smoke thirsty round thumpers.
I "did" considered placement fwd of fw at the top, also behind the pilots seat but ,either it exacerbated the already 500lbs anvil up front ,or considering consumption with tank out rear and long 3/4" oil lines along 1/2 the fuselage, and possibility of a whole lotta mess in the fabric area if i goofed up.. and thats always possible hahaha...(i decided a side saddle be best, placed very close within the cg range / slightly fwd, tank center being @14" aft of fw.
I broke a nice 4130 .040" angle 2x2"x32" long, for a basesupport, welded to the fuselage truss tubes, and made some ss 1/4"nf t-strap bolts for tightening the sucker in place.
Some 025 ti straps lol, just cause ... and a nice sight glass for oil tank visual level in the rear for pilot visual
I heard a few others building radial dusters so thought this might help and be advantageous.
Im of course running a 755jake with wood fixed sensinich prop so the extra 125lbs on the nose from a cs (which not running), is not an issue and can take advantage of the torque /hp.


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