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Nostalgia…old N7X radial r670 Starduster Too

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May 18, 2012
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I was recently contacted by Fred, the owners son. They are finally ready to sell some planes etc. they have several giant hangers, crammed FULL of cool planes!
The old “Nostalgia” is still there and in one piece. It’s got a new N number as I think they sold the N number….those short N numbers are worth some serious money evidently. Anyway, I went to look at it a few years ago for a project for my sons. It would have a made a really cool second plane along with my Ranger powered example.

I did sit in it and it’s got a really tight rear cockpit. The instrument panel is much closer to your face than my old Range Duster panel was. Maybe mine was stretched…I’ll check as I will be documenting all the mods on my fuselage for future builds etc…the main gear is the old forward style. And looks to short. It would need new longer landing gear made, and updated to the 7-8” aft main axle location. It would also need a new improved , beefier landing gear truss made and installed as what in it looks like stock per plans. Much smaller than the beefy one Mr. Baxter made for the Range Duster. It had a smoke tank installed that was kind of neat. It was located on the right side of fuselage, in the front cockpit area…that fit the curve of the outside of the fuselage. It was mounted on the Outside of the main square box frame. Make since? It needed a Major diet. It weighed over 1700 if I recall. My range duster and the Kevin Shaw built r670both had/have an empty weight of 1550lbs. While much heavier than plans, most 360 Toos weight about 1200-1300lbs. Both my Ranger powered example and the Kevin Shaw radial example flew/fly Great (even in comparison to a light 360 Too. Blake frequently flys with a 360 powered SD2 here in OKC…both pilots love how both fly…the myth of ALL Radial Starduster Too’a fly like heavy tanks can finally be dispelled. That’s just not true. Some fly great!)
Nostalgia currently has a fixed in pitch , (as the r670 on it has no prop Governor provision) Hamilton Standard 2B20. That’s an awful prop for this plane. WAY to heavy especially considering it’s not even a constant speed. A lighter prop would be needed. I see no reason why a PT-23 Sensenich wouldn’t be a great prop for it.
Other than those items listed above, it still in remarkably good shape for a plane that’s basically been sitting in a Houston hangar for 30 plus years! The engine would definitely require a IRAN at minimum along with an overhaul of all accessories. This isn’t a plane you want an engine out on! The fabric and paint still looked Very nice under all the dust. I think it was painted with Imron. So as long as it’s not peeling, it looks amazing. I was interested in it but it’s just too big of a project. I’m going to be looking for a flier IF my Dads insurance comes through and I get some cash to replace the Range Duster. I would consider some with small needs etc but this is a really cool plane, that will be a money pit. And that’s perfectly ok and it DESERVES to have it all done and fly again. With the new gear, gear truss, new prop , overhauled engine and mini “restoration” it would be the Belle of the Ball at any event it was at. The son, Fred, told me he’s thinking $28,000 for it as is where is.
I hope it finds the right guy and I am not here to talk bad about it as it’s an Amazing plane, but for me, that’s Way more than I could spend. Honestly even if free it’s more than I want to deal with at the moment. A engine overhaul/IRAN is I bet minimum of $20k, prop with hub about $8k. New gear and gear truss easily $2500 After paint New gear leg spats etc etc etc. that’s $30,000 and I bet you can almost double that to realistically see it fly. So you’re looking at $88,000 possibly. And the covering would still be original. Again I know it would cost Way more to build from nothing today and I truly hope someone gets it. Money just has to be easy to come by for the new owner. Let me know if anyone is interested in a private message and I’ll pass along the contact info.


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