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Repeat Offender / Wing style performance

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Apr 2, 2008
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I built a Skybolt back in '96 and loved it but sold it for a few reasons, the main being I decided to build a RV-6 to fit my current needs better. I'm happily back in the Skybolt business though and picking up a project Saturday. I sure wish a forum like this had been available my first time around, just lots of calls to Hale Wallace. This forum appears to be a wealth of fantastic information.

My currentquestion for the group is whether to stick with the current wings that are the old style (2.5 dihedral) or build a new set with the shallower angles? I'll be getting a full set of the old wings and ribs for the newer style so the main consideration is whether the difference in performance will justify the remaining cost of the new wings/braces/flying wires/I struts? What it really comes down to is whether the difference in dihedral is noticable for those of you that have flown both? My goal is to re-enter competition so performance is a plus.

Thanks and I look forward to being a member of this group,

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