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Revised LSA Guidelines

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Jan 8, 2009
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Don't ask why I'm up at 1 o'clock in the morning writing this, but following a discussion with some other enthusiasts about the current LSA guidelines, I came up with a "revised" set of guidelines aimed at accomodating a greater number of "borderline" aircraft currently excluded. I realize I'm probably opening up the proverbial "can of worms" or "Pandora's Box", but why not.

Some aircraft, both homebuilt and factory built, that certainly satisfy the spirit and intent of the LSA program are being excluded for marginally exceeding only one of the three performance related criteria stipulated in the LSA rules. To correct this, why not modify the existing restrictions in the following way to accomodate these aircraft.

Rewrite the rule to state: In order for an aircraft to qualify for operation under LSA rules and regulations it must satisfy 2 of the following 3 performance limitations:

1) Maximum speed in level flight of 138mph (current rule)
2) Stall speed of 51mph (current rule)
3) Maximum gross weight of 1320lbs. (current rule)

Exceptions to any 1 of the 3 restrictions is allowed provided it doesn't exceed said limit by more than 10%.

10% of limit 1 = 13.8mph (new limit - 151.8mph)
10% of limit 2 = 5.1mph (new limit - 56.1mph)
10% of limit 3 = 132lbs (new limit - 1452lbs

This would allow an aircraft that weighs 1300lbs with a top speed of 130 to stall at 54mph for example. Or an aircraft with a top speed of 125 and stall speed of 48 to weigh 1415lbs. Or an aircraft with a stall speed of 50 and a gross weight of 1300lbs to have a top speed of 142mph. In each of these examples, only 1 value exceeds the limits but by less than 10%.

This would allow a significant number of aircraft currently excluded for minor violation of the existing guidelines to qualify for LSA inclusion but do so in a way that confines the violation to a single performance value and by no more than 10% of the original value.

Just a thought for discussion. Any body have any comments?

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