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Rib Jig - Another Way

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Sep 8, 2007
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Here's a new way (at least I have not seen it mentioned anywhere, maybe original) way to do a jig for making wing ribs.

I was looking for something to use instead of the usual blocks of wood, to hold the spruce members in position.

The main concerns were the epoxy sticking to it (better not), and ease of accurately locating and attaching them.

Found these little doohickies at Home Depot sold to plug electical outlets so little tykes won't stick fingers in them. The protruding bits are easily snipped off, and what's left are perfect little diskoids with raised edges.

The center lies perfectly against the board and is quickly held in place with two staples from a staple gun.

The edges are slightly raised, and perfectly hold the wood in the proper bend and location, yet easily let go when it's time to remove the rib.

Material appears to be polyethylene, which epoxy does not stick to.

Here are a few pictures.



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