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Rudder pedals.

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Jan 3, 2007
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Guys i've got my rudder pedal assembliescoming along here for my look-a-like Steaman. I have the pedal hangers, crosstubes, pins that hold the tubes in the fuselage and the stoprings all tacked up.

Next is just to build a footpedal that looks similar to the original. I cut an aluminum tube as the base where it will rotate on the crossbar and have some aluminum plate to cut the pedal shape from. I also thought i could use some aluminum angle on the backside to use as a stiffener and a place to mount the master cylinder at the pedal top.

I would use the original castings but the control arm for the brakes is in the wrong position...i want mine on the top where i can mount the master cylinder to the hanger/downtube.

So before i get started i thought i'd see if anyone had an idea i likebetter idea on how they'd do this. My pics are a little behind but follow.


Original cast pedals above.


Stock installation above.


Pedal assemblies before tack weld...hangers left long.


Maybe this type setup off a KR2 is the best setup? I'd have to ttrade out my fork ends for rod end bearings on the master cylinders though. You guys weigh in and give me some good ideas before i start cutting metal.


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