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Soon to be new builder

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Jun 28, 2008
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Hello all. My name is Todd Osborne and I just registered for the forum. I am planning to start building an Acro Sport 2 in the next few months. I have to move first and finish a basement, one that will of course include a nice workshop for me to work in.

I am writing this just to introduce myself. I live near Madison, WI so trips to Oshkosh are an annual affair for me. I have been flying since 1988 and hold a private license with instrument rating, and have just started my aerobatic training with Mike Love at Morey in Middleton, WI. Had 4 lessons so far in a 152 Aerobat and am addicted :)

I started building an Acro Sport in college in 1988, but life got in the way. Since then I have started building 3 different Zenith Zodiac's to various levels of completion, but life got in the way. I also built a Hytek Hurricane in the late 90's that is still flying today. The plan for the Acro Sport 2 is to just build it slowly as time and money allow, and temporarily suspending the building when things get tough, but not sell it.

I don't have any questions (yet), just wanted to introduce myself. If there are any other builders of wood/fabric/steel aircraft in the Madison area I would love to hear from you. I have been a member of EAA for over 20 years, but am just getting back into aviation after a long break. I will be attending the next Middleton EAA chapter meeting. My woodworking skills are pretty good (I learned this in a college airframe class), but my metal working, escpecially welding, needs a lot of education. I am finding a lot of great information on this forum.

I also have a blog at crossplains.blogspot.com with a short video of my first aerobatic lesson. Yes, I did get a "bit" sick :)


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